CMS implementation

Content Management System

Surely you know about Wordpress, one of the most famous free CMS systems in today's market. Basically, it allows you to edit, add, and delete content from the site yourself, without programming knowlegde.

The content in this sense includes the structure of pages, categories, menus and links, as well as text, images, files and videos. This provides great flexibility and freedom of use.

Wordpress was initially designed as a system for individuals who want to set up a simple blog, and has grown into quite a complex platform that can become everything from a simple one-page website to a full-fledged webshop with billing and user management. This flexibility is possible because of the huge community of developers who develop themes and plugins for Worpress which provide these additional features to the basic system, as well as many others.

What we primarilly offer is a high quality Wordpress set-up including an initial website structure definition and plugin installation, which are dependant on your expected use. A creation of a custom CMS system is also possible, but a project like that involves many working hours to achieve a functioning system that has all the required and expected functionalities, so it belong more in the scope of web application programming.

In addition to WordPress, there are many other open-source alternatives like October CMS, Coaster CMS or Joomla. If you like some of them or have a specific use in mind, feel free to contact us.