Computer repair

Computer service in Rijeka and the surrounding area. We do hardware and software repairs.

Repair services:

  • Failure diagnostic
  • Replacement of components (hard disk, power supply, graphics card, memory, etc.)
  • Thermal compound replacement for processor or graphics card coolers
  • Thorough PC cleaning (from dust, pet hair and the like)
  • Installing additional drives or cards (HDD, SSD, sound, network)
  • Assembly of custom ordered computers for gaming or office use

Computer support:

  • Installation / reinstallation of Windows operating systems
  • Installation / reinstallation of Linux operating systems
  • Setting up antivirus software and firewall
  • Data backup
  • Setting up email
  • Installing Microsoft Office Tools
  • Cleaning your computer

Other services:

  • Setting up ADSL Equipment
  • Network cable installation
  • Wired networking (LAN)
  • Wireless networking (WiFi network)
  • Setting up network printers

Fault diagnosis and work assessment is always free of charge, and only afterwards do we offer an estimate of the cost.

You can contact us at +385 97 6131 961 or send an email to