Creating websites

For quality website development you need to keep several features in mind

Modern design and layout

Responsive design

High quality visuals - pictures, icons, videos

Good quality and relevant content

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Performance - Speed, Stability

When creating new websites or redesigning existing ones, the requested result is always a product with modern design and good looks. Although the design is very subjective in itself, most of us will know at first glance when a page is made with sense and taste. As with physical products, it is more of a feeling than knowingly recognizing the elements that encourage it. And we strive for creating that feeling. We believe that this can be achieved with great attention to detail and seemingly small decisions.

It's basically common knowlegde, and you've probably heard of it as well, that responsive design is important and how the pages need to be customized for tablet and cellphone display. If you're wondering why, the reason is simple: in the first quarter of 2017, the number of users who accessed the Internet via mobile phone has for the first time exceeded 50%, and that trend continues. This means that if you do not have a "mobile-oriented" page, you lose every other potential client or customer.
Although most traffic comes from mobile phones, this is not a reason for neglecting quality pictures and videos. Mobile technology is moving very fast and now many cell phones have screen resolutions comparable to monitors on the computer. This means that small images look grainy and affect the general appearance of the page. We can not do the miracle ourselves and it is very important to collaborate with the client to get quality materials that we optimize for speed and fit into each design.
Relevant content is information which will actually be useful for someone who is doing a search according to some keyword. Empty phrases and expressions do not have any benefits on the page and will not bring you traffic. Content goes hand in hand with SEO optimization and helps bring traffic to your web.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that we are dealing with refers to so-called on-site SEO, that is, things that can be set up and placed in the site's code so that search engines can easily and accurately index your site. For example setting "HTML meta attributes" tells search engines what to show when they want to put a page in the search results.
Performance often depends on the complexity of the page and the system used, if any at all. Simple, fixed pages relying on pure HTML and CSS are often the fastest and work very fluently, but can not be changed without changes in the code itself.

We will take care of most of these things, but we also have to listen to ourselves and make "Quality and relevant content". We do sincerely hope that you have found some useful information here. For everything else we are at your disposal.

We can not and will not try to claim that we are the best, fastest or most experienced, but that's why we are young, persistent and dedicated to every project we get. We are not happy until your site is "Pixel Perfect" in our eyes, only then do you get the product for inspection and it gets uploaded to production.