Website repair and optimisation

If you already have a website set up, you may only need to refine, repair, optimize or redesign it.

As the years go by, the technologies used for programming on the Web are constantly changing and some are becoming obsolete. Something written 5 or 10 years ago may for some reason become unsafe or unsupported by new browsers.

One common situation is when some animation or functionality relies on Flash technology in the background. Flash has become undesirable on the Internet over the last few years due to potential vulnerabilities against attacks. That's why most internet browsers have started blocking it, and that automatically changes or destroys the page view, depending on the extent to which it was used.
In such cases you should check the status in the background and you should transfer (copy) as much code as possible to new protocols, and the rest should be re-made from scratch.
Since so many old pages do not have a mobile version, we often suggest a complete redesign in such a way that your presence on the web is representative and professional. And besides, sometimes it is easier and faster to make a product from the beginning, rather than making changes to an outdated system.

Regardless of the reason, feel free to contact us. We will check your site carefully and propose what we think is best for your situation.