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Grow your online business with us!


Website for a fixed price

We will create a professional, functional and fast website for your business and according to your wishes.

After a call or email exchange, we estimate your needs and give you a fixed price offer for you new website, as low as 595 €!

Mobile optimized

We focus on making your small-screen visitors happy with the look and feel on all sites we build.

And since statistics say that 60% – 80% of all internet traffic happens via mobile devices, it would be foolish not to.

Blazing Performance

We build on the world’s most used and most trusted platform – WordPress!

Join millions of other satisfied companies with a fast, secure and feature-rich web platform. It’s not this popular without good reason!

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

Some of our satisfied clients




Plugins – add-ons for WordPress

A plugin (i.e. "add-on") for WordPress is, as the name suggests, an add-on that serves to have some additional function on our WordPress website, blog…

What is WordPress?

In order to be able to explain what Wordpress is, we have to expand the topic a bit and first explain what CMS is. CMS…

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